Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1 1/2 years ago ta'day

just bein' a newlywed, counting by six month increments. 
although travis made a good point,
"in celebrity standards, we've been married a lifetime!" 
 we played basketball this morning at the gym.
he taught me how to square my body to the basket. 
i almost beat him! 
he insists he wasn't going easy on me, but i know better. 
life is good. 

also, didn't travis totally nail my ring!
i feel like our rings are so, us.
travis is strong, steady, down to earth, sturdy.
i'm flamboyant, showy, and over the top...
(fun though.)
it's a good combo yes?  

Monday, January 23, 2012

pretty pictures of a pretty girl

i had a fantastic day- cleaned house- even scrubbed the shower, did laundry, homework, and ran three miles. but easily the best part of the day was when sara came over and we took those. ^ she brought duffel bags full of her amazing clothes and basically let me play dress up with her. i curled her hair, applied her makeup, and rearranged my living room a zillion times. and yes, i posted way too many. the girl is just so gorgeous!! and let me just tell you, she isn't wearing any foundation, blush, or powder. her skin, is all hers. so jealous.

more (if it's possible) husband boastings.

i know i just posted, but lately i just cannot go to sleep unless travis is home. he isn't home tonight and i am glued to my computer. when travis is at work, the computer is kind of my companionship, whether it's through music, social networking, desperate housewives, or as i tried to watch today, lost. i know i'm late to the lost train, but seriously, i can't take that show seriously. not because i don't like the actors or plot, but because i used to live near to where they filmed it. so when i see them freaking out about being stranded on a strange island, i'm just thinking, "duh, just hitch a ride up to haleiwa eats and you'll be fine.

plus i'm pretty bitter that they all want off the island when i would do anything to be on the island. 

anyway, i'm just missing travis and thought i would say a few things about him.

1. i can't remember if i've already said this, but travis refuses to ever say if he finds another woman attractive. yeah, i think i've already posted this. oh well. this week, i was badgering him about this really gorgeous girl on facebook. "isn't she so pretty?" i kept saying. "you're pretty." was all he would say. "i like you."

2. i had to go to the dermatologist last week to take my final accutane pregnancy test and while we were there, i had some moles checked out. the derm ended up taking a couple off of my back and face (just little red ones, and he did it FOR FREE because he is amazing like that.) well, it hurt A LOT. as we were driving home, i was looking at travis with the i need frozen yogurt eyes. he is well acquainted with them. he smiled at me and said, "you were so brave at the doctor, so i think we should get you a treat." true love.

3.  going house shopping with travis is pretty funny. i'm fairly sure i know how he feels, but he won't say if he likes or doesn't like a certain house. i'll just badger him about it and he will just say, "it's okay." i know that six hours later, he will be pumped about the one i figured he liked. knowing a person this way comes in handy when you feel like being frustrated that they aren't being enthusiastic at the exact moment you want them to be.

4. listening to music with travis is not like listening with anyone else. he likes to change the words so that "collettiepoo" is the theme of every song. sometimes/mostimes, the song is a little dirty. good dirty, not gross dirty.

5. travis is kind of shy about being a fireman. when we go house shopping and the realtors ask him what he does, a lot of the time he just says, "i work for murray city." i'm the one who chimes in and informs them that he is a big, brave fireman, fighting fires and saving lives. pretty proud of him. 

it's real love guys. still can't believe someone so great could love me the way he does.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

sunday evening

are you tired of boring pictures yet? 
too bad. 
i went to a class on exposure on saturday 
and needed to doodle with "scary things" 
like iso and aperture. 
plus my family is cute, huh? 
(missing reed who is on his mission and travis
who is at the fire station.) 

enjoy my sunday evening
the way i remember it growing up. 

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