Sunday, August 27, 2017

capitol reef, spring 2017.

miracle of miracles, my entire extended family found a weekend to go camping/canyoneering all together. we headed down to one of my favorite national parks, capitol reef.

remy did puke when we got there, and he had a fever, but he perked up with some tylenol.

remy and travis stayed in the tent to nap, and reed, sara, and i ventured out in search of some boulders to climb. 

remy felt well enough to eat dinner and especially loved carrying around his own flashlight. 

it was our first time camping as a family! remy was a champ. and at bedtime, travis and i tried to tell stories, and he just said, "shhhhh it's bedtime now. go to sleep!" dream child. 

he rolled off of his air mattress a couple times, but slept all night and even had to be woken
up for the hike the next morning. 

love that tent morning view. 

although we didn't do the rappel, we hiked up with the rest of the family. travis was a champion.
this hike gained a huge amount of elevation and he carried rem the whole time in the heat. 
out of order. waking up at breakfast. 

travis didn't know, but his phone camera was on some strange setting for color. 

a quick overnight trip, but it was a great time. we counted over 25 lizards on the hike, so it was also a success in remy's book.

spring break weekend away.

this is a little out of order, because we went on this weekend trip before the semester ended. this was a friday to sunday trip, and we ditched rem for some adult time.

since we're broke, we went to st george to stay with my grandparents. i'd be happy staying with them even if we weren't broke though; they're pretty great.

surprise! i was sick on this trip! i had a pretty bad sinus infection. the elevation changes during the drive there and back were brutal. i was actually screaming with pain on the drive home. we also got to spend the entire morning of our saturday at the instacare, waiting for a prescription for my nasal passages.

otherwise, it was fun though. we had a massage, relaxed, had this elusive thing called a "nooner" don't know if any of you other parents have heard of this glorious occurrence... we went shopping, climbing, out to eat one night. my grandparents played games with us and fed us really well.

travis is really sweet with me when i climb outdoors. he calms me down, pumps me up, and makes me feel like a million bucks. it was a great trip with my favorite person.

spring 2017.

spring semester classes were rough. freakin' research class and the huge group paper we had to write with something like 25 sources. gross. there were some good moments, but between my classes, travis taking three classes on top of his crazy work schedule, and remy and i getting sick a thousand times, it was long. here's some of the instagram worthy moments.

my mom always did cute stuff for holidays, even the little ones. st pat's day, i put green food coloring in the toilet and left some "gold" and a note from the leprechaun. i love this age and how magic is real. 

i very stupidly thought i had time to join a soccer league. especially since i hadn't played soccer in ... 15 years.
i. sucked. remy was cute though and always cheered really loudly for me. 

just me and the gym buddy keeping it TIGHT. lol 

i got this wild snow cactus plant and remy painted her. (shirley) 

whispering nice things to our herb garden that has since exploded. 

this was such a fun night with rem. trav was at the station, so rem and i had a fro yo date. the wind was crazy and we were laughing so hard about it. everything is funnier with rem there to see it. 

snoozing in bed during one of the many times we got sick. 

natural museum of curiosity! 

that smile. 

it's the best in the spring when it warms up enough to go on our around the lake walks. 

celebrating after turning in my final paper for spring semester! 

this is the park right by our house. 

this is our favorite spring park. lots of water to play in before the pool opens. 

the view from the top of that cool park by us. 

travis coming home from his annual military camping trip that lasts a few weeks. 

tumbling class. 

food truck thursdays, always a favorite. 

after school ended, i deep cleaned the house and found remy's little stash behind a chair in his room. apparently while i shower, he is busy collecting candy, scissors, and things he's not supposed to mess with. 

here's remy at his dance recital looking so cute! 

he had a big cheering section. it takes real dedication to sit through boring ass kid numbers, waiting for your own kid's turn. 

he killed it though! he was really nervous before going on. he was certain people were going to laugh at him. once the music started though, he was mr. performer. love that little tongue. thanks for catching this shot sara! never thought i'd be a dance mama. 

remy's firefighter party.

oh man. why do i do these things to myself.
finals + implementing my huge project at my internship + being sick in bed for five days, sick enough that i lost 7 pounds and needed iv hydration, yeah that combination meant i needed to throw a huge pinterest-y party for my four year old who doesn't give a shit about decorations. (although he did love the cake oma made for him.)
luckily my sis in law sara came to the rescue by showing up really early to help me get it all together.

it turned out pretty cute!

these dipped mallows tho 

let's not talk about the amount
of sweets he consumed 

or how many of these i consumed. 

my mama is a babe. 

thanks for morgan for snapping these so i could enjoy the party. 

i think he felt pretty loved. 

whenever morgan is around, she's teaching acro and flying errbody

this kid was so spoiled. he loved it so much. 

just a random picture of my little brother zane. he's a cutie! 
the party was stressful and i was a mess before, but it all came together perfectly.
pinterest moms unite in anxiety.

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