Monday, August 31, 2015


tonight it was just remy and me.
travis is working the night shift at tosh. so remy and i made pancakes with strawberries and eggs. i remember my mom making breakfast for dinner for us on the weekends my dad would go fishing or be working late. those time with her, not having to compete for attention. then we'd snuggle up in her bed and watch whatever saturday night tv movie was on and she would tickle our backs and arms. we loved those nights.

after we made brinner, we pumped up the tegan and sara pandora radio and danced around the living room. then we baked cookies together. remy picked the chocolate chips out of his and left the rest on his plate. we got ready for bed, read at least 20 books, and then i rocked him like always, but sang a few extras. nighttime is the only part of day he'll snuggle in my arms and let me stroke his hair and smell the top of his head without head-butting me. oh the smell of him! his little voice telling me, "i had a good day, mom." he has started telling stories, mostly about unicorns this week. "it was fwhying through the sky mom." that kid is the love of my life i tell ya.

alright, enough about the smell of children and their adorableness. here's the phone dump from the last month.

travis's avocado tree is really turning into a tree.
remy is turning into a little kid! 

remy, i actually showered. take a picture with me when i don't look homeless.
no mom, this is lame. 

at the top of my lungs with the radio
and then we turned around to see this.
"too loud mom!" 

we went to sandy city's balloon festival. i wish i'd known about morning launch; we would have gone to that too. next year.

those mornings when you don't want to get up,
so you distract the kid with
animal vidoes on instagram.
at least you're still laying down.

 playing in oma's backyard.

making pancakes.

we finally made it to the murray pool.
we went down the slide no less than 10 times in an hour.
possible exaggeration, but remy loved the slide. 

mr. cool. 

i had my 27th birthday!
you know how much i love my birthday. this year's did not disappoint. remy snuggled with me for a good half hour when we woke up.

then travis came home from basketball and we went out to breakfast with my dad. we went downtown to gourmandise and ordered everything. their chai. is life. and the oatmeal!!!!!
i know it's gross, but i'm an oatmeal fiend. that pecan roll.

then we came home and had a post binge coma together. after three blissful hours of napping, we headed to big cottonwood canyon with my family and close friends for climbing and dinner.

i climbed my first outside lead! (not pictured.) but this was a really big deal! because climbing outside is a bit scarier; you don't have the safety net of the gym staff all around and controlled environment. i felt like a rockstar, which is just how you want to feel when you turn 27.

my dad cooked a delicious pasta dinner and i was spoiled rotten with presents and kind words. our family does a "reasons why we love you" to the birthday person, and it meant the world to hear the people i love tell me why they love me. i'm a lucky lady. and i'm so excited to be 27! maybe adults will finally start taking me seriously. like adult adults, the older ones. which is what 27 sounds like in my head. okay.

we checked out south jordan's county fair and were not disappointed. it was a beautiful night, remy was big enough to ride the slightly sketchy rides, we saw a camel! and then went for frozen yogurt afterwards. yeah, not big on fair food. lame i know.

the face he makes when he thinks he is doing something really serious.
see, same face. 

oh i love nights like these. 

at the park with liana and her two kiddos. 

enjoying our summer night walks as long as we can. 

the view next to our house. 

carfie. you caught me letting remy have his bink during daylight hours. oops. 

went to lunch with my bff to meet a lady he's dating. after india house and their ridiculous mango lussi, i wandered into an antique store i've seen a zillion times.

they had the creepiest selection of dolls.
overall a horror movie environment. 

that night i attempted to go for a run with remy, but the terrible smokey air from the many wild land fires made it too hard to breathe. anyway, we found this cute park, just a short walk from our house.

how i love this boy. 

success with a new black bean and cheese burrito recipe. 

feeling thankful to see mountains again after all the smoke.
i still love seeing this temple, even with all my
weird feelings surrounding what it stands for. 

sunday morning i dropped remy off at church with grandma and headed out to climb, my version of church, with my two best dudes. you know, besides the husband dude, who has been working an awful lot. we did hellgate up little cottonwood canyon. did not disappoint.

love climbing with this baby brother.
who is not a baby anymore. 

gorgeous day. 

i shall title this, muscles and manbuns. 

nate, my bff and climbing mentor. 

here's what we climbed all over. 

on the way home we stopped at octoberfest for spaetzle
(german noodles) and beer for those who wanted it.

 oh out of order. thank you nate for these awesome pictures. this climb was a mind trip for two reasons. tons of spider webs and the fear of grabbing a tarantula, and then the limestone rock breaks off pretty easily. a few of my handholds crumbled and i fell.

being adorable.
my mom adopted a couple of kittens and rem adores them.
not sure the feeling is mutual. 

enjoying our beautiful patio.

taking selfies at ross.

picking carrots in my parents' garden.
remy is amazed to see all these things growing in the ground.

 teaching him not to strangle or shove kitties into the food dish. "EAT IT KITTY!"

just a generic picture of strawberries. 

my college friend ting is in town for a few weeks. some of his friends stayed a night at our house and we had pancakes with strawberries and then had lunch at gourmandise. their lasagna with house make pasta. was amazing. (tried to take them to cafe de bolla, but it was closed. :(  on a tuesday.

so i've been training, sort of, for this half marathon i'm supposed to run in a few weeks. this is the app that keeps track of how far you run and your pace. i love seeing those miles add up!
i have started getting plantar fasciitis in my left foot, so we will see how inserts help.

have had some great late night talks with ting. so great seeing old friends who knew you in different times when you were a more fun, less parent-y person.

if it seems like remy is always eating popsicles, it's because he is.
(he's really not. i'm a good mom dammit!)

 last night we went to morgan's aerial arts performance. (that woman is a circus performer!!!!!!) and then lucky 13 for the greatest burgers around. my fingers still smell like garlic from their garlic rosemary fries. i may have lost it and gotten mouthy and loud with a guy who was being an asshat about "gold diggers who accuse good guys who are professional athletes of rape." this deserves its own post.
stop. blaming women for rape. just stop.

and this brings us to tonight's shennanies with the cookies.

i have a great life. not perfect, but pretty close.


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