Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I work at macy's, selling clinique to the masses. Let me paint a picture for you, a scene as seen from the makeup counter.

A couple shops together. He carries the bags; she gushes over the new pink lipstick sample from estee lauder. She chooses a new eye shadow and uses his credit card. She talks to the salesgirls while he smiles in the background. When she needs his signature on the card, he steps up. After her purchase, she walks to him, grabs his face, and plants a wet one.

This could be any one of the many young, sometimes pregnant, sappy eyed teen couples who hang out at the mall on summer afternoons.

Instead, I'm goggling at two old, wrinkled, blue haired, balding, pruny lovebirds sucking face in the middle of cosmetics.

She notices me staring.

"Honey, when you've been married for 70 years, you're allowed to kiss in department stores." and then a big lusty wink.

they walk out hand in hand.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

tonight on my way home i saw a man on the corner, holding a pair of giant garden shears. this wouldn't be unusual if not for the fact that it was 2 am, he wasn't standing by any bushes, and no one else was around. thoroughly creeped out.

also for the list of things i saw today:
-a battered woman with a black eye and broken shoulder who insisted she "fell down doing laundry."
-unwillingly aiding a woman in stealing 130 bucks from macy's.
-being mistaken for a woman old enough to be the mother of a fourteen year old boy at the gym.

miss you hawaii

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