Thursday, March 12, 2015

rem being almost two.

there is a good chance this entire post will be about remington.
what's new, right.
so you may have noticed i stopped doing those cutes basket shots with all the facts about remy's age month to month.
yeah i suck at doing stuff like that.
also i'm on the computer so much editing photos that it was just like, don't want to stare at a screen any longer.
somehow remington is almost two. so this post is a mishmash of what we've been up to and filling you in on my adorable, brimming with personality tiny human.

loves stuffed animals. sleeps with giraffie and wolfie every night.

"mom, i do it!" favorite phrase. no wait, that might actually be, "NO!" or "I WANT IT!"
or "i lub you."

a big kid sitting up to the counter these days.

"where it go?" is the phrase usually accompanied with this expression. he frequently asks, "where daddy go? where oma? where kohen?"

damn that binki, my enemy and also my savior. i'm trying to only use it for naps and nights, but some days i give in.

hung out with cousins kohen and hadley a few weeks ago while their mama went to an appointment.

speaking of cousins, the newest one, scarlett. remington is obsessed with her and also always asks, "where scarlett go?"

pretending to sleep with cousin amelia.

remy wants to do everything mama does. he's pretty skilled at walking in all my shoes.

the kid loves music. he pretends everything is a piano and says, "pano! play it!" he strums the guitar every chance he gets, he dances and has really good rhythm. plays on uncle reed's drum set. oh and he sings tons of songs! like all the words and the right pitches and intervals. twinkle, row your boat, wheels on the bus, ... it's late, but others. when we drive in the car, he sings along with the music, head bangs, and requests "song! music!"

since travis left basic and is now in AIT school, he's allowed to call and face time us every day. rem usually sings a song and ground pounds for dad. (which is where he jumps in the air and lands on his backside, such a showoff, where did he get that...)

i work in murray and we eat dinner frequently with my parents who live in murray, so we are in the car. a lot.

went to the little gym with melissa and kohen. (mommy pro tip: their first class is free!) when i say remington is active and high energy, i mean, he doesn't stop moving until he goes to bed. where he also doesn't stop moving. people always ask me how i'm so skinny. it's because i chase this tornado around all day. seriously.

met up with the sis in laws for mall playground and lunch. our kiddos were really good!
i feel so lucky to have sis in laws who i consider my bffs.

remy is a really tender hearted, nurturing boy.
last night at his grandma julie's, he had baby doll snuggled up to his chest where he was rocking her, patting her back, and kissing her forehead. he'd then place her in the carseat and pick her back up and say, "oh you're so heavy!" then he'd take her to the rocking chair and rock her, singing, "rockabye, rockabye."

anytime i'm having a rough day, like last weekend, when i couldn't find my keys for two hours and just really was missing travis and feeling the weight of being the single parent, remy always comforts me. i'm sitting there on the floor in the kitchen, crying my eyes out, and he comes up and says, "mama. mama. hey mama." snuggles into me and strokes my hair and arm. he is my sunshine.

this was right after a work meeting i mistakenly thought i could bring rem with. here i am, staffing cases with my boss and co-worker, and rem is throwing an enormous fit. thrashing, yelling, crying, flailing. didn't matter that i'd brought toys, food, drink, books. this went on for an hour with me apologizing, taking him in the hall, finally resorting to candy and netflix... and then we get out to the car and he's a complete angel again.

i felt pretty proud of myself. i assembled this christmas gift from grandma and grandpa last week all on my own. haha, probably not that big a deal, but travis usually does these kinds of things. good learning experiences for me lately, from changing furnace filters, tripping breakers in the middle of the night when the faulty fire alarm goes off, and assembling toys that have electrical wires.

loving the warmer weather with bike rides err day.
also the more remy weighs, the stronger my thighs get.

blurry, but you try to get a clear shot of this mover with a camera phone. his hair is gorgeous.

 when i was pregnant, i knew remy would be brimming with personality. i don't know how, but i did. and i wasn't disappointed.

it seems they go from a baby to a little kid so quickly! i really love this age, even with the fits and whining. i love how much more independent rem can be, LOVE love watching him learn to make sentences and learn to sing. he'll say a string of words, crack up, and then turn to me and matter a factly say, "it's funny."
he's a huge tease too. he'll call his aunt emily the wrong name every time and then laugh about it. he'll refuse to give me a kiss and then out of no where come up and plant one on me.

reading with the only two boy cousins on the bodtcher side.

that smile! pure sunshine. he smiles at everyone. waves and says hi to everyone he sees in the grocery store. he'll point to people at the mall and ask me, "who dat mama?" i'll tell him to just say hi and smile and he is always happy to.

another thing i love about this age is seeing remy experience the world. every tiny thing is amazing. airplanes and trains. dog barking. bubbles in the tub. when i place a plate of food in front of him and he says, "wow!" every time we walk through target he'll yell, "cute!" at every piece of clothing.

and this is always the face that accompanies seeing something he finds amazing.

every week we have a frozen yogurt date.

ah, the fits. today's was because the flowers were too close to him. another notable one was when his toast plate touched his yogurt. if you fellow parents every want a good laugh, google, 'reason my kid is crying.' pure comedic gold.

here was last sunday at scarlett's baby blessing. rem loved holding her hand.

being remy's "mama" is the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me. i'm so lucky to spend my days with this clever little rascal. there are hard moments, a lot of them, but they are fleeting, as most two year old feelings are. we are always laughing, always singing, always reading the book about puppies, always running, pretending to cook soup, and trying to appreciate this time of life.


when my baby brother gets engaged to a great gal.

last month, my brother reed and i went ring shopping and found a beautiful (almost) carat diamond ring. a few weeks later he asked his sweetheart, and longtime friend, to marry him and she said yes!
duh, look at that ring.

anyway, as i love throwing parties, i put together a little engagement cheese and crackers, fruit, and "wine" night.

such a fun night hearing their love story, meeting her parents and sisters, and seeing old friends. 
sara is sweet, sassy, kind, and beautiful. and perfect for reed! also she is an amazing musician and our voices harmonize perfectly. seeing reed this happy is the best. welcome to the family sara! 


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