Friday, July 23, 2010

the man who is my man

oh and in a week im getting married to travis randy bodtcher.

thank you for having the balls to ask me out on a date, instead of just to hang out
thank you for never playing games and for always being honest
thank you for still opening my car door two years later
thank you for never letting me pay for a date and for never making me feel guilty for it
thank you for still taking the time to take care of me while you were in paramedic school
thank you for being patient with my homesickness
thank you for my ee cummings book
thank you for always laughing and keeping me grounded
thank you for being attractive and not knowing it
thank you for bringing me flowers
thank you for watching grey's anatomy with me for hours
thank you for letting me watch pretty woman over and over
thank you for a house with roses
thank you for reassuring me
thank you for telling me i was pretty even when i was thirty pounds heavier
thank you for always killing the spiders
thank you for always taking me lunch when i worked at macy's
thank you for being an example of a good person
thank you for loving all my bad parts
thank you for taking your job so seriously
thank you for waiting for my dad to love you
thank you for eating spicy thai food even though it makes you sick
thank you for introducing me to your family
thank you for being thoughtful every day
thank you for asking me to sing to you all the time
thank you for always knowing how to make me feel better
thank you for praying with me
thank you for asking me to marry you every day for six months even though i said no
thank you for my beautiful ring
thank you for not wanting kids for five + years
thank you for marrying me in one week

the house we bought

so life is crazy this month.

travis bought a house. actually, he keeps telling me "we bought a house."

the house is a fixer uper and i have fallen deeply in love with its character.
yesterday we- travis, josh, randy, mandi, and i- sanded the wood floors and cleaned the bathrooms, which by the way were horribly disgusting. like urine and who knows what else on the walls. but anyway, travis always blows my mind with his man skills. he knows or learns to do anything that needs doing.

marrying a man who can fix everything is a really good move. :)

we took off all the molding around the base and doors, removed old curtains, and basically made a mess of the house. but as our cousin mandi said, "the more we rip the house apart, the better it looks." after hours of sanding and sweeping, the wood floors are gorgeous.

we are almost done choosing paint colors. (!) i have all these elaborate decorating ideas.

but the best part of this whole house thing is that ill be living there with travis.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the 4th of july

4th of july weekend.
  • caught a fish on a fly rod
  • rode a horse named annie who was kind of a jerk
  • spent time with family
  • ate so much ice cream from my uncle's dairy huckleberry cheesecake
  • went running with travis every day
  • had a bridal shower with the reeds
  • cheeseburger and homemade rootbeer
  • sang and played guitar for the ladies at my great grandma's nursing home
  • kidnapped great grandma and took her to the firework show
  • saw way too much beautiful scenery
  • fell more in love with my fiance

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