travis and remy

travis/the attractive guy in purple: 
is a lover, not a fighter. 
changes his socks 5+ times per day. 
grown up job: a paramedic fireman. 
took second place on America's Funniest Home Video as a kid. 
no, really. 
eats avocados.
likes reading about soldiers and war. 
teaches paramedic school part time. 
a talented basketball player. 
loves country music, way too much.
fears having water poured on him in the shower.
is an enormous sore loser. 
enjoys hunting and fishing. 
a great kisser. 
prefers being outdoors. 
an old fashioned gentleman. 

remy/the cute kid in front:
3 years going on 12.
loves telling stories about alligators.
prefers curry or mac and cheese. 
wants to be a firefighter like his dad. 
loving and kind to everyone he meets. 
a smile that lights up the room.
professional at comedic timing.
will do any chore for a tootsie pop. 
has one speed: running. 
reading is his favorite. 
paw patrol is a close second. 
the sort of kid every mom dreams of. 
growing up too fast. 
the joy of my life. 

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