Saturday, January 14, 2017

wife #3.

this was the trip i took with my mom's church youth group to capitol reef to rappel wife #3!

kid free! 

here's the gang!
when the young men's group said they were going,
my mom (who was yw president) spoke up and said her
girls needed to go too!
my mom is the best. 

the hike in was pretty. 

mom and i had a great time sweating our faces off. 

so pretty tho. 

this first drop is 200 feet!!! 

i was having a dandy time, until my hair got caught
in the belay device coming down. my face started burning on the hot
device and my hair kept getting stuck higher and higher.
my mom was at the bottom screaming at everyone to get me down!
my hair wouldn't come loose, so i ripped my head around and pulled this out.
i had a good little bald spot on the side for a bit. 

this was our camping spot. 

mom, me, and brother zane. 

i stemmed up pretty high and had to be rescued. lol. 

wish i could be on a rope going up or down rocks all the time. 

spring/summer 2016.

ah yes, more catching up.
this was us driving to dinner for travis's birthday party!
we went out for dinner at a bar for the best burgers in slc.
plus, it being a bar meant none of the family could bring their kids
and we all love to eat dinner without our kids. 

remy and i walking around our block catching bugs in his bug sucker.
don't you worry, we released them all back into the wild.

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remy picked me a bouquet while we were
doing a walk through of our new house. 

oh this was a crazy day.
while travis was at the guard, i packed
the majority of our house. then reed and sara,
and travis's brothers were
saints, and came over to help us move/pack.
we finally ate dinner around 10:30pm. 

and then we stayed at my parents' house for
two weeks while waiting to move into our new house.
also, travis was away for the army.
super fun couple of weeks. 

i showed up for the final walk through
and the builders had painted our doors yellow!
i was literally telling my mom i wanted to
paint them yellow when we pulled up,
and it had already been done. the universe knew. 

holding a really big check for 70 or 80k.
we sold our house!! and we were rich for five minutes
and then we paid for our new house. 

oh she's a beaut.
had a great time moving without travis too.
so many thanks to our families for the great help. 

of course, mother's day fell on the
weekend travis was gone.
damn army.
oma helped remy make me a gift. 

oh kid art. :)
my hair. 

for the 3rd year in a row, it was a shitty mother's day,
that felt like any other day of being the single parent.
whatcha gonna do.
i did get to hang out at my new house alone while
remy napped, and i played my piano in the huge two
story ceiling living room during a thunderstorm.

the ladieeeeees.

and i found this picture of my mom feeding me
right after i was born.
i'm so lucky to have my mom! 

this was when travis came home!
i was up in the shower and travis rang the doorbell.
remy answered and said, "dad! where have you been!
we've missed you! come in!"
then travis came upstairs and scared the shit out of me in the shower. 

here is a picture of me coaching these sweet twins for the last time before they moved. 

oh! we went to military ball! i tried on dresses and these were the favs. 

i ended up going with this one.
luckily i'd lost 7 lbs while travis was gone
and we moved. 

ahh the prom dress i was never allowed to wear. 

travis is pretty handsome too. 

remy playing his guitar in the new house. 

i don't remember why we took this picture.
my hair was doing good things tho. 

my boss organized a goodbye lunch with all the school social workers.
she was the best! 

oh i forgot about this!
my brother zane did a humanitarian trip, so
we cooked food and sold it for money.
whatever that's called. 


this is a five minute walk from my new house. 

oh new house. how i love thee. 

this was when i had my practicum placement interview! 

my hair was again, doing good things. 

food trucks! my brother reed and sara moved to daybreak!

these's this curry truck that gives me happy belly feelings. 

last day of work at the school.
this lama gary came to visit. 

all the cards. 

i'm too lazy to turn this.
but this is our house view right now.
until they build a thousand homes. 

ah yes, we went to crystal hot springs. 

new kitchen!!!!!!!

heart eyes. 

driving to the pool with cousins!

love this boy. 

daybreak is the greatest. 

the cousins at millie's birthday party! 

how i miss my summer wardrobe. 

food trucks! 

sitting on the back porch eating chocolate cherry creamies.
what we did every day.
look at me go! at this rate, i'll be caught up by this summer! 

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