Monday, August 23, 2010

the things i never set out to do

i like to think im not the kind of girl who flies by the seat of her pants.
i like to think i have life plans and stick to them. follow them through.
oh wait. recap of life's bigger decisions lately.
maybe ill go to SUU. graduate and teach there. no wait.
move to hawaii. never planned that one. just applied for funsies.
hmmm oh ok move there even though i don't know anyone
or anything really.
oh ok ill stay there, graduate, teach brown kids, marry a brown guy, stick around.
go home for the summer to work. fully plan on going back.
reserve housing. make a class schedule.
oh no, wait i better stay in utah. even though my plane leaves
in three days.
ill go to the U of U. linguistics? sure, sounds good.
travis bodtcher? didn't we go to high school together? oh hi let's date.
marriage? nope i don't like that at all.
oh wait am i married now? wait that wasn't part of my plan...
kids. ill wait. no no really. im not ready.
so i peed on a stick this morning and well...

hahahah tricked you! don't worry. it's all good and empty wombwise.

but i did change my mind about the U of U.
school starts tomorrow but i won't be on the train or in class.
im going to massage school in oct. :) go ahead. judge me. ill finish school after im a massage therapist and have a better idea of what i want to do.

but honestly i keep doing all the things i never set out to do.
and im so darn happy. :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the marriage life

life is really crazy right now.

the only reason i have a spare moment to type this is because it's sunday morning before church and we don't work on the house on sunday.
travis and i got married. it was a beautiful, wonderful day and when i get pictures back im sure ill write a novel that no one will want to finish because of how ridiculously long and epic it will be.
we went on a honeymoon to myrtle beach and had so much fun and learned way more about what being married is and how to make it work best than i thought i could learn in a week.
then we flew home to real life.

and it was even better than the big day and the honeymoon.

our house is under construction. the walls and ceilings needed mudding and sanding.
every room needs primer (for the oil based existing paint on the walls) and paint. ceilings too.
oh and new base and doors and hardwear and cover the hardwood floors and a new countertop for the kitchen and stove and bug bomb for spiders and don't even think about moving in yet because of how much we have to do.

our ideas of style and decorating are very different.
travis wants to redo everything brand new.
i want to keep the original (and not always intact or in nice shape) features of the house.
so we are learning what compromising means.
for any of you who know me well, you know this is a NEW idea to me.
compromise? psh. :) i don't do that.
oh yes i do.
and because i love that man so darn much ill learn how to compromise and he's usually right anyway.
don't tell him i said that.

so we have been working on the house every second and i don't shower or clean up. shaving? who does that? it's gym shorts and ponytails.
my dad said, "didn't take you long to let yourself go did it?" thanks dad :)
travis's sister melissa got married friday. it was the perfect day.
i showered, shaved, groomed, plucked, masceraed.
wore heels.
travis said, "it's been a while since you wore a tight fitting shirt. and your hair looks so nice."

so yeah. im an old married woman.
i love it!
travis is the sweetest and funniest and we have had some good arguments
and some good making up :)
and mostly just loving each other more every single day.

oh! our house has some great colors.
the kitchen is a yellowish cream
the front room is sage green blue ish
the bathrooms are b r i g h t bluegreen
the bedroom is orange. but more of a peach really.
the art studio/office/study/library is cream
the tv room isn't done yet.
(i have to name all the rooms so there isn't room for a baby room. it there is room a baby will come and we don't want that now do we)
but yeah the house is amazing.
the only furniture we have is our bed and new piano.
so all we really need. :)

life really just gets crazier. exciting though.
i love all of it.

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