Saturday, June 28, 2014

obscene things. but mostly just low quality phone pictures of life.

so orange is the new black has taken over my life and that is the main reason i haven't posted in a while. my nighttime "free time" of photo editing while remy is asleep always has the show playing on my iPad next to my computer.
holy smokes, orange is the new black is really well done.

also, the amount of reese's peanut butter cereal i've eaten this week is truly obscene.

also obscene was how many times i puked in two hours on monday night. (10.) phew, took me back to pregnancy days. i took a P test first thing tuesday morning, even though travis and my mom assured me i had the flu or food poisoning because i also had a mean case of the shits. test was negative, like they said, but it was good to have peace of mind.
seriously, i don't know how i survived.

what other obscene things have been going on in my life?

i've been pretty obscenely happy. warm weather, remington's toddlerhood being pure fun, lots of photography work.

i guess some people would call this obscene.

 we marched for feminism with the National Organization for Women in the pride parade. if you know me, you know how passionate i am about female orgasm. so you can imagine the high i was on marching in a parade holding a sign proclaiming my passion, and hearing the crowd cheering. i also may have been yelling select catch phrases like, "THE CLITORIS!" or "FEMALE ORGASM, GET YOURS!" or "THE TRUSTY LUSTY CLITORIS!"
talk about a rush.

and then there was the greatest day of my life. remy and i woke up with severe bed head. so while we were taking this picture together, he turned to me and kissed me right on the mouth, all on his own.

uhhhhhhggggggg i LOVE being his mom!

things with our roomie are going swell. the other night after i'd puked my brains out, the kitchen was a disaster, and she stayed up late doing all the dishes. she's never late with rent, and she tells good dating stories.

as per usual, we've been pooling it up.
actually my anxiety gets pretty bad at the pool. remy refuses to wear a life jacket and i need to find him some water wings or something. because even though i am right next to him the whole time we walk around the foot and a half deep pool, he sometimes trips and falls in and i have to grab him and pull him out of the water. he's freaked out from going under and my blood pressure is sky high from thinking he's going to drown and die. plus that scary "secondary drowning" article that was going around Facebook that i never should have read. good info, but now every time he gets wet, i'm convinced he's going to die. the anxiety is easier if someone else is there with us to reassure me that he's okay.

this was an especially great day. tessa and i hadn't seen each other in four years, since the summer i got engaged and was visiting hawaii. we had a great reunion, meeting each other's babes and laughing our heads off.

i think an arranged marriage between remy and estela is in order.

remy and oma.

remington is my joy.  it's hard for me to believe that a year ago i was severely depressed enough to be committed to a psych ward. seeing the world through his innocent and happy eyes is the greatest. everything i do is hilarious. anytime he is afraid, i'm his safety. if he finds something cool, he shows it to me. if he is confused about what's happening, he looks to me for an explanation. i really wish i could freeze time for a while and keep remy this age.  he is happy 98% of the day.

this was the day we went to our niece's baptism.

in personal appearance news, i got my hurr did, treated myself to a new lipstick, and found a $5 dress that does good things to my backside. i'm finally starting to really feel like my old self again. even my singing voice has finally bounced back from my vomit thrashed throat. a year later, i'm able to hit that high E again. like the one above high C. i was pretty thrilled the day i got that back, and remy giggled and giggled while i belted out scales.

father's day was great. spent time with all our dads, ate so much delicious food. i had some cash from a wedding reception i'd shot the weekend before that travis didn't know about, so i surprised him with climbing shoes and a harness. now we are both all outfitted and ready to get started. you know, if we ever have a complete day to spend together again. work schedules have been crazy!

father's day also fell on my dad's birthday this year.

 fun fact about travis: he does this in his sleep.

my mom, rem, and i headed up to idaho falls for a few days to hang with my grandma reed. it was great seeing family, eating potato pancakes at smithy's, and relaxing. my grandma's farmhouse has a real underground basement that gets pitch black dark, so remy slept in late every day.

of course we had reed's dairy ice cream every single day. remy had his very first ice cream all to himself.

we went to the zoo, rem's first ever zoo trip. he "rawrrrrred" at the tigers and lions. he thinks most other four legged mammals are cows and so he "moooooooos" at the top of his lungs at them.

he loved the otters as long as they kept their distance.
photo cred to my mom. 

met up with the infamous brett evans for ice cream and board games. 
at which i crushed him. 
*cough. PEGGITY! 

took remy on a merry-go-round that was not so merry.

hanging with his twin cousin leona, who is 4 days older. oh those curls!

doing dishes with grandma.

so i took a quiz to find out what church i should join.
liberal quakerism.

check out my peony plant!
also props to my phone camera, right?

we took remy to tracy aviary on friday before travis had to go to work. he liked riding in the wagon, but was terrified any time a bird made a noise, which was hilarious. parent of the year.

the stork in the back just stared at the wall. guess he was having a rough day.

this is the view from my living room window.

here's from the kitchen window.

putting him down for a nap with his "neigh neigh" and his swaddle.

so awkward and weird story.
here's remy with his friends, the quads. they live next door to my parents. really nice family, cutest quadruplets. i mean, HOW????

anyway, every time the quads are out playing and i'm at my parents', i go outside to say hi. and then i swear, kelly, the mom, goes inside and only charlie, dad, is out with the kids. i am probably paranoid, but i swear he thinks i'm hitting on him.

like the other day they had the swimming pool out front and a sprinkler to run through, and i got out there and they were all in swim suits. charlie immediately went in the house and called for kelly to come out. "here, you stay out here and i'll cook dinner." she was like, uh no, you don't know how to cook this meal, you stay outside. and then charlie was like, it's okay, just leave him with us and i'll bring him to you when he's ready to be done.

... okay since you only have FOUR little kids to watch, i'll leave my child with you. it's not like you have your hands full or anything. so then i feel awkward taking remy back inside, but i feel awkward leaving him with the quads, but obviously charlie is uncomfortable with me being on the front lawn with him, so i go inside and have 20 minutes to myself.

i'm sure i'm over thinking it, but i swear things get so weird when you are married and you don't want to send weird signals and you feel like men are so awkward around you.

but anyway, can you imagine having four toddlers at the same time??? they are pretty cute though.


i can tell it's getting late.
time for bed.



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