Monday, April 19, 2010

the emotional woman

i have been pretty emotional the past few days. no really. i was at the gym, running on the treadmill, sweat dripping down my face, and since i was at gold's gym, i was running in the
cardio cinema (awesome) and watching coach carter. for anyone who hasn't seen it, it's about a team of kids who are going nowhere but basketball saves theirs lives etc. i don't even like this movie. but as the kids, after losing the final game (sorry if i ruined it) file out to greet the crowd after showering in the locker rooms, the crowd is still so happy to see them, cheering, etc. yeah it's really cheesy. but as i was running and sweating i started crying. right there in the gym. yeah.
then yesterday i taught sunday school and told a personal story because no one else would share. and i cried again.
then i was telling travis goodnight and that i love him. cried again. you get the picture.

all the times i have cried this week have been because im so happy. yes, the warm weather plays a huge role, but a big reason im so happy again is because i finally changed my attitude. im happy to be where i am right here and now. God blesses us with things we might not see as blessings at first. luckily He is patient enough to wait for us to thank him later. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the good life

my guitar is sitting on my leopard skin rug, leaning up against my wall. it's saying "why don't you play me anymore?" i played for a minute tonight, but just lost patience with the internet chords and not feeling like playing by ear. lately i have been messing with my harmonica and learning how to play bluegrass music with benny, guitar hero and mandolin learner. bluegrass is a good time to sing.

-took a trip to st george and zion's with travis. we hiked angel's landing, emerald pools, weeping rock, and got a little lost going the wrong way through the park. the good weather, being with my man, and seeing family was a great weekend.

-i started going to kickboxing, pilates, (a few months ago) and doing p90x. im working on getting ripped. haha we'll see. it's an awesome challenge and i love exercising. im never getting out of shape again.

-went biking in moab with my daddy. that man is a champion. his college buddies nicknamed him "mountain goat" for a good reason. while the young guys with their full suspension bikes were huffing and puffing, my father was cruising up slickrock and smoking everyone on his old beat up bike. he inspires me. plus it was nice to spend the day with my dad, talking to him about everything. (i made him explain politics and economics from nixon to obama to me during the drive.) im blessed to have doug charles as my father.

-i took a linguistics take home test. no big deal; it's open book open note. six and a half hours later im still not sure how i did. it's kind of like music theory, only with words... so hard yet i love that class so much.

life is good. im learning so much about being happy and making the most of the situation you're given. i have so much to be grateful for and im trying to deserve it all. :)

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