Wednesday, June 17, 2009

next time i'm being ridiculous, i'm going to remember this day.

see i have this way of thinking the worst. i'm not a pessimist, the opposite really, but when it comes to whatif's and boys, i always think "i'm not good enough for him and that's why he isn't calling."

or like the time travis was staring at me and i was like "what are you thinking are you thinking i look gross that's what it is huh." he was like "you really are crazy."

we are all people. busy, insecure sometimes, thinking, wondering, crazy people. it's a miracle we ever understand each other.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One week since Hawaii

- hung out with my three little brothers
- went shopping with my mom
- spent all day in a tattoo parlor and apparently looked like a lesbian.
- went to star trek. it's ridiculous. 
- was reintroduced to whiny pop emo :) 
- was surprised with 311 tickets. travis you are the best. 
- got to hug zack graff and play music with bryson breiv. 
- went to idaho falls to visit family
- enjoyed church with my family
- went pickup shopping with my dad and watched him belittle the salesman. where did i learn sarcasm? 
- missed the ocean every day. 
- made acai bowls and missed kava roots.
- read three books
- got really angry and then felt really silly
- longboarding with zane
- missed alex hansen only a little bit. 

life is weird and good. 

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