Wednesday, August 31, 2016

spring 2016.

so since i'm so behind, i've decided to consolidate months into seasons. maybe this will motivate me to catch up and actually keep up. i have so many nights i have things to write about, but then i'm too tired, or i don't feel like explaining things and my type A mind is annoyed that pieces of the story are missing. so here we go!

also my 3 year old who used to go to sleep really easily and well now needs bribery to go to bed, so he is currently singing loudly and may be calling for me momentarily. hopefully the promise of chocolate milk with breakfast holds strong.
don't judge me you.

spring 2016.

opening up with a nice self photo.
i dyed my hair red, switched things up.

we tried to spend as much time as we could outside in march and the weather was pretty decent for the most part.

travis started doing flights with the army. because you know, being a firefighter isn't enough excitement for one person.

we climbed. a lot.

my bff benny came to town! (he moved to colorado. :( )

i told you we climbed a lot.
i've tried really hard to find that balance between pushing remy to try climbing and letting him discover it on his own and like it. for the most part he likes it, but he still doesn't like getting too high.

this was the day i found out i was accepted into the master's program for social work at the university of utah. it came in an email and i starting yelping and calling and texting everyone i knew. travis bragged to his parents about me and made me feel all warm and gooey.

of course we went out to celebrate.

the spring ahead time change couldn't come soon enough for us and we celebrated by going to wheeler farm.

ohhhh the things you call celebrations when you are a parent.

this was the first time i saw the house we currently live in.
we were driving around one night, remy and i, and i saw a for sale sign on this beauty.
we went to look in the windows and then i tried the door knob and low and behold, it was open.
walked in, jaw dropped to the gorgeous floors, and i knew we needed to live here.
so i talked to our realtor that night, we put the house up for sale a few days later, and two weeks after that, we sold our house and bought this one.
it was a little crazy but we love it here.

food truck thursdays and malasadas, the perfect donuts that helped me gain 30 pounds in hawaii.

this lune/amazing stranger lead climbing this crack upside down. notice that he isn't using holds, just has his hands and feet shoved into that crack and inches his way up.

waiting at a park while a family looked at our house.
shit got a little wild with the 3 families a day thing looking at our house.
thankfully it sold quickly because sustaining that level of cleanliness is not realistic.

we went to a concert one morning.

and then stopped for pizza at rusted sun.

and then went swimming indoors. it was nice to break up the chilly weather with fun activities we don't usually do together.

my sister in law/bff sara conquering her fears of heights.
this lady can scale 5.10as now with no problem.

yes, i have become addicted to coffee.
yes i know some people don't consider starbucks to be real coffee.
i do not care about you.

the easter bunny brought remy a kite. let's be honest, the easter bunny brought me a kite.

chewbacca came to work one day!

remy has started to want to climb over the past 6 months. obviously i couldn't be happier about it.

we went to the park with benny while he was in town.

of course we ended up having an impromptu sing a long with a class having a field trip.
it was all fine and good until they only wanted us to sing taylor swift.

always the food truck thursdays.

got a nasty cold.

jeez, all you do is go to the climbing gym.

fun random fact about me. i always have super low blood pressure. this is normal for me. my pulse was a little high that day though.

well that was our spring this year.

i'm back bitches.

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