Sunday, December 27, 2015

novemb. totes novemb 2015.

november whirled by. whirled, yes.
we worked, played, stayed pretty warm because the majority of the month was in the mid 50s. (!)

remy love to sing and "play guitar."

here he was at the babysitter's house, two fisting those suckers.

had a few hot chocolate nights together. he likes to "cheers" the glasses together, as he says.

made meatless chili. it was okay, but not as good as the kind with delicious processed sausage. i've been trying to eat less meat this year because i feel so much better without it.

out running errands.

bought remy the cutest vans.

freezing cold food truck night with liana and jeremy.

making banana bread. squishing the bananas out is really funny apparently.

warm enough to play outside at the park and eat ice creams.

remy and papa.

one night a group of us went to 'the chocolate' for treats and their amazing hot chocolate. remy threw the most enormous fit the entire time. why would a child throw a fit at a bakery where he was given the opportunity to eat a chocolate cupcake you ask? oh, because his mom took the paper off the cupcake so he could eat it and it was really upsetting. #reasonmykidiscrying

 both of us lookin' cute on our way out for a mom and remy saturday adventure.

first stop was hobby lobby, not that exciting for a kid, but not too shabby.

then lunch with oma, who found this mushroom/mustache.

and then to the train shoppe, a cute little place in south salt lake with a cheap train ride.

and then cafe de bolla for chai and brownie.

 sunday morning climbs, my church. and coffee of course. remy gets steamed milk, but calls it his coffee. this particular morning, he announced to everyone in the child care, "this is my coffee. you can't have any. it's for grown ups."

playing in his fire engine tent. we put out a lot of fires and rescue a lot of kittens from trees.

must have self photo of scarf and hot bevs.

date night! travis took me to dinner and then to everest.

remy and oma playing in the tent.

watching the basketball game with papa, one of my favorite pastimes as a kid.

 rem, you're so instagramable.

beautiful weather and my mums.

have you had waffle love's drinking chocolate? if not, you should.

a rare sight, remy passed out somewhere besides his bed.

 i went through a homemade brownie phase that month, and my pants became a little tighter.

that imagination always running.

lilian had her 4th baby, and he has so much hair!!!!!!

 one day when i had to work from 10-8, travis and rem came to visit me for lunch.

 climbing with nate, who also flies.

remy being loved on by his uncles.

 found this picture of my mom and me around rem's age.

another saturday morning adventure, the aquarium. remy saw his first movie, which was also a 4D movie. he was terrified at first, sat on my lap the entire time, but then when it ended, immediately yelled, "let's do it again!"

of course ice cream was in order.

 just another kid bath shot.

 one perk of travis's weird fire fighter schedule (2 days on 4 off.) is that he is home a lot of weekdays. he actually watches remy the majority of when i work. one week day, neither of us worked so we took an impromptu zoo day. the weather was perfect, the animals were active, and we had the place to ourselves.

we even rode the train, which was a complete waste of money in my opinion, as it lasted 5 minutes. even remy's face seems skeptical.

we had a movie night. remy sat through his first movie on a tv, toy story. (we finally put our tv up.)

liana organized the cutest thanksgiving event for the cousins at her house. she read stories, had singing time, and then we did a t-shirt painting craft.

missing from the picture, molly, who wasn't feeling well.

then home for lunch.

 thanksgiving morning, remy's eggnog stache.

travis was on shift for thanksgiving, so rem and i hung with my charles side extended family all day and then visited travis at the fire station. holidays with travis at the station suck, but that's life with a fire fighter! and you get used to it. the highlight of thanksgiving was probably remy taking off his pants right during dinner and running around. good parenting on my part, as i kept eating and let him do whatever he wanted.

also, i organized a sub for santa for one of my students' family and my charles side donated presents and money and brought all of it on thanksgiving, which was neat.

the next morning we woke up at five am to go black friday shopping. remy was really confused about why we were up so early. "where's the sun mom? is it good morning time?"

he kept asking, "can we go home now?"

 but it's tradition! my mom and i always have so much fun fighting the crowds. i hardly ever even buy anything, but i did buy this hat.

we went to the original pancake house for breakfast and then rem, bless his heart, fell asleep and we had a 4 hour nap. 5 hours for him. :) :) :)

that night we bundled up and headed to see the temple square christmas lights.

it was ridiculously crowded, but we still had a good time.


we got a little dusting of snow! remy was excited to touch it.

he even got to help daddy shovel.

november was good to us. i'm already missing the warmer weather.

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