Tuesday, June 28, 2016

feb 2016.

oh look, i uploaded these forever ago and was too tired to write about them.

feb, more laying around on the coach trying to survive the cold.

see, brrrrr. pretty though.

remy got sick like every other kid in valley. popsicles and cuddles all week.

i think we were headed to a birthday party in this picture.

here's remy at the library doing a valentine's activity.
full disclosure, i was at work and the babysitter took him.
i felt pretty terrible that i didn't take him and also really grateful the babysitter did.
feelings are confusing.

always on that coffee game.

a night i actually went to the gym and felt pretty good about my body.
all winter i kind of hated myself for putting on a little weight, which was ridiculous because i was healthy and looked great. collette, be nice to yourself.

sure can't remember what this was all about but we looked fiiiiine.

remy reading like always and my heart exploding like always.

oh, we took a family trip down to st george over valentine's weekend!

it felt amazing to get out of the cold and hang with family.

we hiked and found a good overlook for a picnic.

remy got to hang with "gwama gweat" his favorite.

see her beautiful quilt she made.

we hiked, climbed, shot guns, were american, etc.

this was the morning we got up way too early to climb before everyone woke up.

black rocks, my new favorite place to climb in st george.

i sure couldn't tell you what else happened in feb. worked, slept, survived really.
why do i live in utah.

oh hai.
it's been forever!
a couple of things happened since my last post.

we sold our beautiful red house that we worked so hard to get! turns out we got really lucky and bought when the market was very low, and then the market shot back up, so it seemed like a smart idea to sell and make bank and then buy a nicer house in a better location and keep our same payment, which is what we were able to do. lucky lucky timing for us. the new house is gorgeous and perfect and i love it!

another cool thing happened, i was accepted into grad school!!!!!!!!!!!!
hallelujah, since i already said i applied and didn't want to have to talk about how sad i would be if i didn't get it. it's the master of social work program at the university of utah and i start mid august. (!) i will have two days a week of school, and the classes are like crack cocaine!! and three days of internship. working through a lot of mom guilt about leaving remy and also a lot of excitement about going back to school and becoming one step closer to my dream career of counseling.

i quit my job at the school because i'll be at school next year and unable to work. had to say goodbye to students and coworkers i grew to love. someday i'll talk all about my experience working there and how much i learned.

remy turned three! we had a perfect day and a little family party to celebrate.
that kid is my life.

pretty much things besides all that are the same, still climbing as much as possible, trying to unpack, teaching remy letters, hanging/banging with travis, oh yeah baby, enjoying the summer.

hanging and banging, that would be the title of my book on marriage. or hangin' and bangin'. it's a work in progress.

anyway, i may try to keep catching up from feb on, may not, we'll see how motivated i feel.

(watching so much OITNB. season 4, so heartbreaking right?)

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