about sonreir

sonreir, pronounced sown-ray-ear, is a spanish verb meaning,  
'to smile.'

you're supposed to roll the 'r' but in english it's optional, right? 

i took four semesters of spanish in college and really enjoyed learning a second language. languages have always intrigued me, their grammars, the ways in which they are related. when i learned the verb sonreir, i fell in love with the word. if i were a tattoo kind of girl, i would have this word permanently inked somewhere on my body. i have always kept this word somewhere i could see it, reminding myself to have something, however small, to smile about. 

sonreir is a place where i share silly experiences, my own love story, and subjects i am passionate about.

also, i'm kind of obsessed with e.e. cummings, and as a tribute to him i only write in lower case letters. hope that isn't a problem.

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