Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the pro sex

sometimes i look at travis and at my life and think that there must be some kind of catch.
i was whining to my mom the other day about the spiders in the basement.
"spiders are the worst part of my whole life."
i thought about that some more later, realizing how true it is.
if spiders are the hardest part of my life, i must have it pretty good, yeah?

so recap of life lately.

i didn't start massage school. ha there's always the U of U in jan...

we have been living in our house for like a month now. travis is home for four days and gone to the fire department for two. the nights alone have been a little lonely and ill admit i am a little scared of all the new house noises, but im hoping to get used to it. and getting to spend four full days and night with trav is pretty great.

travis and i have been getting to know our ward. (we are members of the LDS church and the group we meet with every week is called a ward.) we are some of the youngest there. no really, a good chunk of the people are in their late 90s. like every week another funeral is announced over the pulpit. if they keep dying off ill never get to know them. (sorry but it's true)

oh so travis and i were asked to teach the 13 and 14 year old sunday school class. preeeeetttty excited about that :) oh and so excited for the lesson on morality coming up soon. not that i have any problems talking about sex, ill just have to figure out a way to talk to 13 and 14 year olds about not having sex. im pretty pro sex these days, so we will see how that goes.

as always im fighting the battle of getting in shape and trying to get down to a size anorexia. :)

pretty much im not working and im not in school. i do teach piano lessons. i do cook huge delicious meals. i do clean house. i do entertain and hang out with my husband. i do read books and am writing music. i do hang curtains with my mom and paint things to hang on the blank walls of the house. i do not have any babies or plans of babies. im pretty much useless :)

travis and i are learning the art of sharing. sharing a full sized bed, sharing dessert, sharing ideas, sharing a church calling, sharing disagreements, sharing love.

life is great. well except for the spiders. :) but seriously if you know of any good spray or anything let me know?

much love :)

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