Wednesday, December 28, 2016

christmas 2016.

this was remy's face all day christmas eve while we ran errands,
grabbed last minute gifts, and delivered christmas goodies to the neighbors.
christmas eve we also went to family parties, ate so much food, and remy thought
white elephant gifts were actually white elephants.  

remy insisted on writing santa a thank you letter to go with the milk and cookies.
(oats for the reindeer, good idea oma.) 

confession: all of this was for rem. we went a little nuts.
travis and i had fun playing santa. we stayed up til
2am putting together that fire station and watching home alone. 

when we looked at this house before buying it, i
imagined remy looking over the stairs down at christmas morning. 

when we finally said he could go down and see! 

all december, whenever asked what he wanted for christmas,
he said, "a fire station with a roof on it." 

he was really excited to see it. 

he even got so excited, he pulled his pants down. 

exciting moment for travis, watching rem open a basketball.

travis spoiled me. a new gold floor lamp i've been eyeing,
 a maroon blazer, books, climbing gear (see: things around my neck),
the harry potter behind the movie scenes book! etc etc etc. 

i have a small problem with being obsessed with using this
tool i got from the doctor to extract travis's copious amounts of ear wax.
of course i found a fake gift box claiming to be an earwax candle making kit. 

travis truly thought it was real. you can see him clenching
his teeth, trying to figure out how to tell me he is horrified. 

then the relief that floods his face
when he realizes, oh she's not that crazy. 

phew! just jeans! 

my last present. travis wrapped this thing about 15 times.
when i got to the bottom, it was a USB stick.
i'm like... thanks?
he told me to plug it in to the computer and
wha la! all the harry potter books on tape!!!
so thoughtful that man is. 

the after opening carnage. remy was so sweet.
after he opened everything, he said,
 "thank you santa. i wish you a merry christmas." 

quick family self timer shot.
i sure love these humans. 

after our christmas morning, we headed to the fire station for a breathing treatment for me.
somehow my asthma kicked up during the night. the treatment helped a lot, but i didn't
feel great all day sadly. 

but fueled by cinnamon rolls, i survived. here we are with the bodtcher side.
we had a crazy good breakfast, opened presents, and hung out all afternoon.
i even got a nap this year. (thanks for the amazing coffee/espresso maker mom and dad bodtcher!) 

we headed to my parents' for dinner. this is my mom's face when she walked in the room and
discovered that we framed an enormous family picture and put it on the mantle.
(thanks for the jewelry, camping gear, climbing gear, and all the other presents mom and dad!)

i love this guy so much.
it was a great christmas! remy makes life magical.
all the harry potter presents didn't hurt either.

c out. 

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