Friday, April 25, 2014

easter sunday and rem's actual birthday. (because how many posts can there be about my baby turning one.)

easter sunday was a perfect, beautiful day.
travis got off work at 7am, so we had the whole day together! 
we went to church with my parents, (and by church i mean, chasing remington around the foyer with lilian and damien, my kind of church day)  and spent the afternoon with them, and then had dinner and easter egg hunt with trav's family. 

i am obsessed with remington's outfit. trav and i look decent as well.  

of course my mama looked beautiful in her easter bonnet. 


handsome guys in hats.

remy is lucky to have so many cousins to play with.

easter egg hunt nooooooooo!

love the three of us. 

then, the weekend of endless partying continued monday with remington's actual birth day.

travis had school all day,  so remy and i partied it up with a special birthday breakfast for him, pancakes! (he usually eats oatmeal and a fruit or veggie.) 

the rest of the day we napped, played with all his new toys, and went to walmart, one of his favorite things to do. we ate his favorite for dinner, spaghetti and meatballs. 

that night, our immediate family came over and we went to the park to feed the ducks, and in rem's case, to go wading in the lake. a huge surprise to me! 

always on the go. 

a boy after my heart, loves the beach.

"oh, the happy birthday song again?"

not an entire cake this time.

the rest of us had strawberry shortcake.

but really, he licked the counter clean. 

wednesday was travis's birthday, so i am officially PARTIED OUT.
also i need to stop eating cake and ice cream, so badly. 
definitely a great week of parties though.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

rem's wild rumpus.

a "where the wild things are" themed party seemed appropriate for my never-holds-still, tornado, wild animal of a child. with lots of help from family and friends, it all came together exactly how i hoped it would. 

i am cheap and designed my own invites, which i emailed to the guests. 

we had everyone sign the cover of the book for remington.

the food and decorations were beautiful! thank you pinterest for the cute prints and all a dollar for the gold frames.

travis's mom, julie, made this gorgeous cake.

party favors were hot chocolate packets. "and it was still hot."

my mom made the cupcakes.

one wild year of photos displayed.

my mom also whipped up this cute crown for remington, the king of the wild things. he wore it the whole party!

remington received an obscene amount of toys.

i even received a gift! the best book of ABCs a kid could read.  thanks chelsea!

then a unicorn showed up for the wild rumpus!

my mom read where the wild things are to everyone.

remington had his first experience with chocolate cake.
he shoved his entire face into the frosting. (can't blame him.)

remy sure does adore his grandmas.

this toy elephant was the hit of the party, even for some adults. *cough* joe!

we provided some musical entertainment.

what was left of rem's cake.
first world problems, the birthday baby can't finish his chocolate cake.
no wonder we have a diabetes epidemic.

great day, great party.
thanks for coming and spoiling my little boy.


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