Tuesday, April 26, 2016

mommy and me valentine's party.

so mid january while walking around target in my sweats, drinking sugary coffee, trying to survive, i noticed some adorable valentine's day decorations and started planning a party. party planning was a nice distraction from the dreariness. i was still laying around all the time, but i was laying around looking at cute pinterest ideas for parties.

my mom joined in the fun and we made the cute treats and decorated my house together the morning before the party.

there were some apple slices put in this bowl after the picture. oops.

those dipped marshmallows were my fav.

my mom's finger jello was the star of the treats though. we went for a toddler friendly menu. :)

what party is complete without a photo booth?

i may have invited more guests than the builders of my house planned space for.
but it was so much fun! everyone brought their little ones all dressed to the nines with a valentine to share.

thank goodness grandma julie thought to bring a craft.

note to self, this baggy shirt makes me look even chunkier than i felt.

there was a sugar cookie decorating station.

remy had a bit of a rough time sharing his space with the 25 ish moms and their babes.

yes, pure madness. this was when we all exchanged valentines.

he went through a hugging phase that other kids didn't really get.

okay mom, please make him stop hugging me.

successful party and so much fun to see everyone and their cute kiddos.

ohhh my heart.

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