Monday, September 15, 2014

the end of summer.

summer is drawing to a close. we're all pretty bummed about it around here. that's not true. travis loves fall. fall means hunting season and football season. (just gives me more reasons to hate fall.) 
anyway, figured i should document the rest of our summer besides vacation posts. 
time for the random low quality phone shots of the past month. 

travis's bathroom drawer. (his one drawer to my ... 7.) he has a toothbrush hoarding issue. those are all used toothbrushes. 

remy's takes his amusement through squeezing his feet into small pans.
our immune systems improve through his feet germs.

 at a free concert downtown.

sunday night dinners in my parents' backyard. i believe this one was to celebrate my brother chad's 21 birthday. what a stud right? love this tender hearted brother of mine.

keeping cool at the splash pad.

endless messes for mom to clean.

swinging with cousin kohen, his best bud.

 oh that grin kills me.
go ahead and judge me for letting him have that sucker.

climbs errrrrything. (and lately jumps off of everything.)

 that bump on my forehead.
is a zit.

 loves stuffed animals. he has all of my old ones now and he loves lining them up and then feeding them pretend food.

also. so before getting married, the gynecologist gave me these plastic phallic shaped russian nesting doll things to use to get my lady bits stretched and ready for martial loving. i never used them because they FREAKED me out, but i saved them to use for a gag gift or whatever. well remy found them in a drawer the other day and they have become a favorite toy. he pretends to feed his animals with them, and recently, pretends they are telephones.

yesterday he walked up to travis with one at his ear saying "HEWOOOOOO!" like he does. then he handed the "phone" to travis who said into it, "THIS WAS MEANT FOR MOM'S VAGINA!"
my life, you guys.

still working on the growing a pixie. i got fed up with the mullet and cut it all off myself with the dull kitchen scissors. it looked okay, but my hair dresser was pretty appalled at my last cut.

view from our front window one pretty morning.

painted our front door this mint green. don't tell the HOA; i didn't get their permission.

 24th of july sparklers.
travis always works overtime for the fire department on the 4th of july, so we try to make a huge deal out of the 24th. we had a big party at our house, bbq, water balloon toss, and then watching the fireworks from the hill behind our house where you can see the entire valley.

 my friend morgan is really into ariel arts. (pretty sure i spelled that wrong. arial?) she took me to do some trapeze on a saturday morning.  those circus performers deserve some serious credit. it's a good rush taking the swing from the platform.

we got remy a little playhouse from Goodwill, which he obviously loves.  it's hard not to spoil him rotten.

relaxing with papa one evening.

evening view from our porch.

at the pool with his cousins.

this was my anxious face after dropping remy off at the gym daycare for the first time.
i sat with him for twenty minutes to make sure he would be safe and not feel abandoned. he was having the time of his life playing with all the toys and saying hi to the other kids. when i left, he didn't even bat an eye. (as i teared up.) i checked on him several times and he was happily playing away.
it is glorious to have a place to leave him for an hour during the day so i can have a break, especially the days when travis is at the fire station.

travis and i celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. (has it really only been four years? seems like so much longer.) (in a good way.) (most of the time.)
the past year of marriage was pretty amazing. becoming parents together, trying to balance our relationship with the newness of a baby. it is not easy. it is really really hard sometimes. sometimes i do not feel like a wife. i feel like a very tired mom who never has any time to herself and is constantly wiping a nose, a highchair, someone else's ass. (rem's, not travis's.) (MAYBE)  it's been interesting to try to fit romance into all of that, but we try our best. and i feel such a deeper love for travis since having remy.

we went to seven peaks water park and had a ridiculously good time riding the slides. i love being with someone who can be silly and competitive and crazy with me. also we loved hanging out with the zillion teenage couples and kids. oddly enough, there weren't many people there our age...

again, remy climbing everything.

on my way home from a family shoot up the canyon, i got rear ended. funny enough, it happened two minutes from our house. totally fine driving down the canyon in the dark.

i was at a stop light when all the sudden a huge bang shoved my car forward. i sat there in shock and realized, someone just hit me. the guy drove up next to me in the left turn lane. i motioned for him to roll down his window so i could get his insurance, and he flipped a u-turn and raced away.

it was pretty shocking. i called travis who told me to call 911. the paramedics were worried about the placement of my neck pain and between theirs and travis's insistence, i was loaded up in the ambulance and taken to the hospital for x-rays. luckily it was just really bad whiplash. still dealing with neck pain and headaches, but what can you do, right?
thank goodness remy wasn't in the car with me.

that's pretty much it. 
had an exciting and eventful summer.  probably one of my very favorite summers. 
now for chili and sweaters and pumpkin spice frozen yogurt at red mango! 
who am i kidding, i am not excited for fall. 

hope you are feeling more ready than me. 


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