Wednesday, September 27, 2017

a nice light post about remy and preschool.

figured a light post would be nice.
phew, it's  been an emotional few days.
but i have stopped clenching my teeth, so that's cool.

life is good right now, i swear.

remy started school again, second year of preschool. i figured that since it was the second year and i'm pretty much a veteran at this point, i wouldn't get emotional dropping him off on the first day.

yeah, that's stupid, because i cried like a small child dropping him off. watching him holding hands with his new teacher, his cute little backpack that looked a lot more huge last year, and when he turned around to blow me a kiss.

also, his first day of preschool was also my first day of training for my internship. i told human resources, "my kid starts school and i will be the one dropping him off, so i'll come training after that." they were like cool, it doesn't even start until the afternoon, so it all worked out. it is nice though, that i'm starting to feel like i can be open about my role as a mom and that, sorry not sorry, it's a higher priority to me than anything else. (really appreciate all the women who came before me who made it possible for me to prioritize my family life without having to worry about losing my job.)

he's pretty cute, huh.

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