Thursday, November 9, 2017

august & sept 2017

summer ended, like it always does, and we jumped into another semester of grad school for me, travis's last semester of his bachelor's, and remy's second year of preschool.

we still got some SUP time
still can't believe this lake is at the bottom of my street. 

love listening to him create stories and games. 

bouldering every chance i get, usually 3-4 times a week. 

my dad and his dad at a family party. 

always the ice cream sandwiches outside. 

4 years old is so much fun. he can do more and more. 

building a tool box at home depot. 

evelyn's baby blessing. her dress and flower crown
were so beautiful. 

this awesome juice bar opened up the road from us.
they make popsicles out of leftover smoothies for kids
and they cost $1. this one had banana, cacao, and some kind
of healthy peanut butter. 

more mountain biking with dad. 

he left me in the dust. 

we got to the top at sunset.
which means we rode down the crazy
fast, tight turns in the dark.
it was slightly terrifying.
i only fell off 5 times. 

remy hanging out with the
quadruplets who live next door to oma.
yep, quadruplets. their mother

travis eating an açaí bowl from the afore mentioned juicery. 

remy and oma all dressed up. 

he always climbs this rock after the gym. 

"tree pose mom!" 

strikes this pose without prompting 

fridays are my long days this semester. i leave the house at
8 and get home at 7. so we usually try to do a fun activity
when i get home. 

remy announced that his favorite
toy, steven, was having a birthday.
so we made cupcakes, wrapped presents,
and cut out party hats. 

my mom always did fun things like this.
one time, i decided to marry my cat, pepper,
so my mom made a wedding cake and we had a
kids definitely made fun of me, because i was
a weirdo, but my mom always made pretend things seem
more real, and that made childhood pretty magical. 

we ate dinner out on the porch on a blanket
one night. the weather was so beautiful. 

another friday night after the 11 hour school day.
we picked a red box, and picked treats from the
gas station. 

always encouraging him to climb a little higher. 

one night that we visited chad at work.
sushi groove, such good noodle bowls.
i do not like sushi.
i know, i know, i just need to try ______. 

i love when travis comes to climb.
i show off and feel like a champ with him watching. 

grandma julie and brightyn
 reading with remy. 

 it's been a really nice fall. i can't believe i only have one more semester after this!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. He is SO CUTE! Also If I ever live in Utah again, you must teach me your ways of rock climbing.


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