Tuesday, September 5, 2017

palisades, ID, summer 2017.

every summer, my immediate charles family takes a trip together. this year we headed to a beautiful place in idaho, palisades. we camped right next to the river, which made for pretty views, but pretty terrible mosquitos. let's be honest, camping is not my favorite, even when there aren't mosquitos attacking any amount of bare exposed flesh, but there were some fun parts of this trip. 
no really, it wasn't all torturous.

how every picture i try to take of us driving
turns out. travis is like nope. remy is such a
good traveler though. 

when we finally got there, uncle chad had
his hammock all set up. plus his creepy creepy
mustache had a few days to mature.

the first morning after we got there,
we rented some SUPs and played in the
gorgeous lake. 

surrounded by mountains and tons of trees. 

we hung around the rocky beach, ate snacks,
played in the decently warm water. 

i bought remy this blow up
alligator to play in the water,
and he absolutely hated it. 

but i enjoyed riding it. 

that night, the menfolk went fishing,
and we found an awesome pizza place near camp.
remy found this pretty moth and took him captive
adopted him as a beloved pet. 

we went to the gas station that has the famous
square ice cream cones. remy brought his moth
and introduced him to everyone in the store. 

this kid sleeps in tents so well. 

uncle zane brought his hammy too. 

the next morning, we got up early
and went white water rafting.
some great rapids, almost fell in,
chad pushed travis in and it was the
best moment of the entire trip for me. 

that night, the guys went fishing (AGAIN)
and us ladies did not feel like sitting at camp
getting eaten by mosquito beasts, so we
drove up to heise hot springs. remy jumped off the
diving board around 30 times. bless him.
we got to take a shower for the first time in days!
the next morning at breakfast. 

we found the cutest yellow caterpillar.
i let him crawl on my dad's face. 

i included this picture soley
out of appreciation for my natural curls.
which never look like this unless i'm
camping, and sleep on wet hair.
wtf hair, do this in my real life. 

these are out of order but blogger
is being ridiculous and not letting me
move photos around.
view first thing in the morning was cute. 

i also found a moth pet.
(i didn't manhandle him and
keep him in a plastic cup tho,
like some kids.)

she sat on my shoulder the
whole time i cooked breakfast. 

then we headed into jackson hole for
sightseeing and lunch. 

it was a mostly fun trip. would have probably enjoyed it more if it included showers and flush toilets.
what can i say, i'm a pampered house pet.

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