Saturday, January 14, 2017

wife #3.

this was the trip i took with my mom's church youth group to capitol reef to rappel wife #3!

kid free! 

here's the gang!
when the young men's group said they were going,
my mom (who was yw president) spoke up and said her
girls needed to go too!
my mom is the best. 

the hike in was pretty. 

mom and i had a great time sweating our faces off. 

so pretty tho. 

this first drop is 200 feet!!! 

i was having a dandy time, until my hair got caught
in the belay device coming down. my face started burning on the hot
device and my hair kept getting stuck higher and higher.
my mom was at the bottom screaming at everyone to get me down!
my hair wouldn't come loose, so i ripped my head around and pulled this out.
i had a good little bald spot on the side for a bit. 

this was our camping spot. 

mom, me, and brother zane. 

i stemmed up pretty high and had to be rescued. lol. 

wish i could be on a rope going up or down rocks all the time. 

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